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Why are attacks on Egypt’s Coptic Christians getting worse?

Why are attacks on Egypt’s Coptic Christians getting worse?
Attacks on Christians in Egypt have intensified in brutality because of an influx of arms and foreign jihadis, lax border security and increased local hostility to non-Muslims, according to a leading UK academic. Dr Mariz Tadros of Sussex University’s Institute of Development Studies said that the suicide attack on a . . . Read More

Why the Uyghurs are under pressure in Xinjiang

As in July 2009 the Chinese government again shows its muscles in Xinjiang province, north-west China, during an anti-terror mass rally in February, this time in the southern city of Hotan. Tensions have flared up regularly in this area where the Uyghur people struggle for self-determination.
Both Muslims and Christians in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in north-west China find themselves under increased pressure from the Chinese authorities. An anti-terror mass rally in the southern city of Hotan in February, an increase in surveillance measures in public places, and the introduction of new anti-terror policies, are all . . . Read More

Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy laws

Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy laws
What the laws say Chapter XV of Pakistan’s Penal Code, titled “Of Offences Relating to Religion,” contains six sections. Four of them outlaw a number of acts, ranging from tresspassing on places of worship to “malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings,” with penalties ranging from one to 10 years . . . Read More

Understand concept of ‘infidel’ to understand risks of Islamic radicalization

In recent history, genocides have often been accompanied by the preparatory dehumanization of victims. In 1994, in Rwanda, for example, the Hutu interhamwe labelled the Tutsis as “termites” or “cockroaches” before they killed more than one million (mainly) Tutsis. Similarly, before World War II, the Nazi regime in Germany often . . . Read More