Kenyan activists have called for the reopening of Garissa University College, four months after an al-Shabaab attack left 148 students dead.

The 2 April attack, during which Christians were singled out and killed, has affected the local economy and students are complaining about missing out on education, reports the BBC.

Shortly after the attack, World Watch Monitor spoke to the Christian Union leader at the college, 21-year-old Frederick Gitonga, who pleaded for prayer.

A four-day arts and culture festival is being held in Garissa this weekend in an attempt to prove that the city is now safe. Some festival goers are sleeping in dormitories where students were killed, while 148 trees are to be planted in remembrance of the murdered students.

“We believe that you cannot fight terrorism with the gun; that will never succeed,” Lolani Kalu, the festival’s organiser, told the BBC.