Weeks after the demolition of Sanjiang Church on April 28, more than 15 churches have reported maltreatment relating to coastal Zhejiang province’s “Three Rectifications and One Demolition” campaign.

Additionally several believers are facing charges, after being detained around the time Sanjiang Church, in Wenzhou was demolished.

“Everybody is crying. According to the plan of the Zhejiang provincial government, they are [supposed] to demolish crosses at roadsides that can be seen. Their next step is to demolish the crosses that cannot be seen,” a pastor was quoted as saying without being identified.

On May 3 two other churches in Wenzhou were demolished. Elsewhere, five churches had their crosses destroyed, and two hospitals had crosses removed from the roofs of their buildings. One church had their sign taken down, and another’s cross was covered.

In addition to further reported incidents; other churches in China have received demolition notices; some as soon as May 20.

Source: China Aid News