Christian leaders in Tanzania have said peace efforts between Christians and Muslims in the country have proved useless after the recent burning of two churches.

The torching of a Lutheran church in Korogwe and Evangelical Assemblies of God church in Kalalani have caused the union of church denominations in the Tanga region, in northeastern Tanzania, to reject the government’s peace platform, which requires Muslim and Christian leaders to discuss various religious issues, and to petition for something more effective.

“The situation these days is not good,” said Dr Jothan Mwakimage, a bishop, who chaired the Christian group. “We need to come up with another peace committee to be set by ourselves because the government platform has failed to deal with the matter.”

Chairperson of the defence and security committee, Chiku Gallawa, added: “Peace is important to all the people, regardless of their faith. Therefore, all of us must be responsible for ensuring that the peace we have prevails for the benefit of the present and future generations of this nation.”

Source: Tanzania Daily News