As the number of Christians from a Muslim background is growing, they face restrictions and difficulties with radical Islamic groups, local religious leaders, and families. There are fatwas implemented all over the country, especially in rural areas, and demands to introduce Sharia (Islamic law) to show the country belongs to the “House of Islam”. Local government officials create various obstacles for Christians, but the rise in attacks claimed by the Islamic State group has been countered by security forces.

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Bangladesh a ‘dangerous place for minorities’

There were five times more incidences of violent abuse against religious and ethnic minorities in Bangladesh in 2016 than in 2015, according to a report from the Bangladesh Hindu, Buddhist & Christian Unity Council – the country’s largest minority rights forum. “Our prime minister and political leaders say that they […]

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Nun editor flees Bangladesh after Islamist threats

A Bangladeshi Catholic nun has fled to the United States, following repeated threats and harassment, reports . Sister Rosaline Costa, 67, followed three other members of her family in fleeing the country, after being targeted for her work as Executive Director of Hotline Human Rights Trust, and Editor of the […]

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Bangladesh bomb attacks on Christian home

Two people were injured during bomb attacks on a Christian home in Bangladesh on Tuesday (3 May), the latest in a string of violent attacks against minorities. Alam Mondol, 45, was hospitalised after the blasts at his home in a mainly Christian hamlet in Bangladesh’s western Chudanga area, . Another […]

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