With nearly 100 million Christians, the Church is the largest social force in China not controlled by the Communist Party. As a result, there are increasing efforts to restrict the way Christians operate. A considerable number of Christians are still imprisoned. Church meetings continue to be disrupted in several provinces. Churches have also been closed and landlords pressured to stop renting to Christians. In 2017 some of China’s underground churches were pushed to join the state-controlled Three-Self Patriotic Movement, while a new law on religion is being rolled out in 2018.

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China pastor arrest ‘politically motivated’

The pastor of China’s largest official Protestant church has been detained and accused with embezzling funds. Rights activists claim his detention is “politically motivated”, after he spoke out against the government’s . Gu Yuese is pastor of Chongyi Church in Hangzhou, a government-approved church with around 10,000 members. He was […]

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‘Career ending’ arrest for Chinese lawyers

China has now formally arrested and charged some of the rights protestors detained during the last six months. The serious charges of subverting state power caught many observers off guard; the maximum penalty is life in prison. For the lawyers, this would “end their careers”, reports . Among those detained […]

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Christianity keeps growing in China

China will become increasingly Christian in the coming decades, , in Indiana, USA. “By 2030, China is projected to have some 225 million Protestant Christians alone, a figure similar to the entire Christian population today in the United States,” said Fenggang Yang. “It is reasonable to expect the growth will […]

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China accused of ’emasculating’ Christianity

The Chinese government is attempting to “co-opt and emasculate” Christianity, which many believe has more adherents than the 87-million member Communist party, . “I don’t believe the government will close the Church but I do believe they want to manage it”, one underground pastor said anonymously ahead of a secretive […]

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Religion can help China’s economy, says new report

In a new study Brian J. Grim says that, while China’s economic success may be under threat from a recent rash of government actions to impose its supremacy over culture – in particular, religion – Chinese Christians may be a special source of economic growth. In The Modern Chinese Secret […]

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China’s ‘demolition campaign’ goes on

China is set to continue removing crosses from church rooftops in the eastern province of Zhejiang, despite a bishop’s claim in March that the so-called “demolition campaign” against hundreds of churches had ended. Bishop Paul Meng Qinglu told UCA News the alleged campaign had been stopped after complaints from church […]

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