Malaysia’s Constitution defines ethnic Malays as Muslims, leaving Malays with no choice but to identify as Muslim. Conversion to Christianity is against the law in almost all states, as is evangelism among Malay Muslims. Political, social and religious instability is on the rise, while increasing intolerance towards Chinese, Indian and indigenous tribespeople affects Christians, too, as most belong to these minority groups. Political parties like the ruling UMNO and opposition PAS uphold and protect Islam, and government officials therefore strive to maintain or increase the Islamic influence on society to the detriment of non-Muslim minorities, e.g. by running Islamization strategies. Various Muslim NGOs see themselves as “champions of Islam” and have the support of the government. Their statements and actions often stir up racial disharmony and religious discrimination.

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Malaysia ‘Allah’ verdict next month

The verdict on the Malaysian government’s appeal against the High Court’s ruling in December 2009, which upheld the right of other faiths to use ‘Allah’ (eg. for ‘God’ in a Malay language Bible) will be given next month. The 2009 ruling triggered fire-bombings and vandalism targeted at churches and Christian-run […]

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Malaysians dispute election result

Protestors lined the streets in Malaysia yesterday to rally against perceived vote rigging in Sunday’s election, through which Najib Razak’s Barisan Nasional (BN) ruling coalition retained power. BN won 133 of the 222 parliamentary seats on Sunday, which represented the coalition’s worst result in its 56-year tenure since independence. Related Articles:Malaysian […]

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Malaysia elections too close to call

The general elections taking place in Malaysia on Sunday are expected to be the closest in the nation’s history and religion is playing a major role. Related Articles:Malaysian bill amendment to tighten Sharia punishments…How Malaysian Islamization has its roots in European…Blasphemy laws around the worldUPDATE: Son of abducted Malaysian pastor […]

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