Some of the world’s most widely-known cases of anti-Christian pressure and violence have arisen in Pakistan, a country whose founder promoted religious freedom. Aasiya Noreen, popularly known as Asia Bibi, remains on death row, convicted of insulting Islam. Her case has prompted international condemnation of Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy laws. Meanwhile, several churches and Christian colonies have been attacked by Islamists in recent years, leading to the loss of many lives.

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Pakistan Christian sentenced to death for WhatsApp ‘blasphemy’, despite gaps in police case

Nadeem Masih

Six days after a Pakistani Christian was sentenced to death for blasphemy, the young man’s lawyer says there was insufficient evidence against his client and that the police failed to investigate the matter properly. Nadeem Masih, 24, from the Yaqoobabad area of the religiously conservative city of Gujrat, in Punjab […]

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Pakistan: illiterate Christian boy, 16, forced to confess ‘blasphemy’ to escape mob violence

Pakistan: illiterate Christian boy, 16, forced to confess ‘blasphemy’ to escape mob violence

An angry Pakistani mob almost killed a 16­-year-old Christian boy – who is completely illiterate and also slightly mentally challenged – for allegedly burning the pages of a Quran. He was then apparently forced to confess to the alleged crime, and is now in custody – despite apparent inconsistencies in […]

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70 years after Pakistan’s founding, what PM’s recent ousting means for minorities

70th Annual General Assembly Debate

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan, addresses the general debate of the General Assembly’s seventieth session.

30 September 2015

United Nations, New York

Photo # 646792

UN Photo/Cia Pak

Pakistan celebrates its 70th birthday today (14 August). And there’s a new Prime Minister after Nawaz Sharif, founder of the largest political party, was disqualified by the apex court on 29 July on charges of not being “righteous” and “ameen”*. This Supreme Court decision about Sharif “will throw the governing […]

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