Garissa mastermind ‘killed’ in raid

The suspected mastermind behind the Garissa University attack in April 2015, when , has been killed, according to Somalia’s security minister. The Kenyan government put up a $215,000 reward for Mohamed Kuno’s capture after the Garissa attack. He was reportedly killed during a raid in Somalia’s port city of Kismayo. . . . Read More

Can Garissa ever recover after mass killing?

A journalist, who was profoundly affected when he reported from Kenya’s Garissa University College after 148 students died, has returned since to see if life can ever be the same for Garissa. The , from Garissa, describes how what he saw during the April 2015 attack by Al-Shabaab militant Islamists caused him . . . Read More

Kenyan university reopens 9 months after massacre

Kenya’s Garissa University has reopened nine months after a Somalian Islamist group attacked the campus and killed 148 students, . Many by the Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab gunmen in what was the deadliest attack on Kenyan soil since the US Embassy bombings in 1998. Police have established a post on the campus . . . Read More

Pope in Africa says conflict ‘feeds on fear, mistrust and despair’

Pope in Africa says conflict ‘feeds on fear, mistrust and despair’
For his first trip to Africa, Pope Francis is visiting Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic (CAR), from 25-30 November. The three countries all have predominantly Christian populations – Kenya about 80%, Uganda 85% and CAR 76% – with about 10% or so Muslim in each of them. But . . . Read More

Kenya to ‘re-integrate’ ex-Al-Shabaab recruits

Kenya has welcomed the return of 700 citizens who had joined Somalia’s Al-Shabaab militant group that has attacked churches, malls and government institutions, most notably Garissa University College where nearly 150 people — mostly Christian students — were killed last spring. The returning militants are said to be undergoing rehabilitation . . . Read More