‘Epidemic’ of sexual violence in Egypt

In the midst of the political demonstrations in Egypt, violent attacks have been carried out against at least 91 women in the past week. According to Human Rights Watch, many of these extended acts of aggressions are pre-meditated assaults by groups of men.

Egyptian ‘defamation’ verdict due

The trial of an Egyptian Christian teacher accused of defaming Islam and insulting Prophet Mohammed is expected to conclude at a third hearing scheduled for June 11, reports Middle East Concern. Twenty-four-year-old Dimyana Obeid Abd Al-Nour was arrested on May 8 after accusations by the parents of three students at Sheikh . . . Read More

‘Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians’

‘Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians’
This is a book designed to show that “Christians are the single most widely persecuted religious group in the world today” (p4). With that aim, three authors well known in the field of religious advocacy give the reader the ultimate global briefing on the causes, patterns and trends in the persecution . . . Read More

‘Egypt’s challenge’

Two years on from the revolution in Egypt, the country’s media is still wrestling with its newfound ‘freedom of speech’. BBC World Service reporter Shaimaa Khalil says the country is “polarised between the Islamists and the liberals, with little common ground”.

Egyptian church burned

Officially, no cause has been determined for the Sunday fire that caused extensive destruction to the Coptic Church of the Virgin Mary in Tema, Egypt. Unofficially, suspicion has fallen upon Muslims who, according to Mideast Christian News, distributed a leaflet in December with this warning: “To the Crusaders of Tema and sons of . . . Read More