Book review: ‘The Global War on Christians’

Book review: ‘The Global War on Christians’
It has been an astonishing last 12 months for books on the persecution of Christians when there has been such silence on the issue for so long. First came ‘Christianophobia: A Faith Under Attack’ in late 2012; then the more simply titled, ‘Persecuted: the Global Assault on Christians’ in March . . . Read More

Amnesty: Egypt failed to protect Copts

A new report by Amnesty International claims the authorities in Egypt are failing to prevent “deeply disturbing” attacks on the country’s Coptic Christian minority. The organisation has called for an investigation into a series of deadly sectarian incidents. “Failure to bring to justice those responsible for sectarian attacks sends the . . . Read More

Christianity in danger of becoming extinct in its birthplace

Christianity in danger of becoming extinct in its birthplace
Last month, World Watch Monitor released a report, Beyond Count, highlighting the alarming frequency with which Christians are fleeing the Middle East. Now a British historian has added his voice to those concerns. By Dr. Jenny Taylor Respected UK historian Tom Holland told a briefing in London this week that . . . Read More

Amid the ruins, forgiveness

Continuing the growing stream of reporting on the extensive damage done to Egypt’s churches since Aug. 14, the Sat7 Christian broadcasting service showed video on Sunday of the worship service at the Evangelical Church of Beni Mazar, in the Minya region. Worshipers sang and prayed in the charred remains of their building. . . . Read More

Assyrians urge US to hold fire

The Assyrian American National Coalition has mounted an online letter-writing drive to urge the U.S. administration to hold its fire in Syria. Assyrians are an ancient ethnic group indigenous to the Middle East, and belonging mostly to various eastern and orthodox Christian churches. “Now, as extremist jihadists have moved their war to . . . Read More

UN warns of Syria ‘genocide’

A UN diplomat has warned that if the violence in Syria continues at its present rate, there is a “risk of genocide”. Mokhtar Lamani, who worked with the UN during both the Balkans war and Rwanda, told the BBC that Alawites and Christians were at most risk, and that over . . . Read More