Migrants thrown overboard in ‘religious hate’

Twelve African Christians attempting to reach Europe by boat were allegedly thrown overboard because of “religious hate”. The 12, from Ghana and Nigeria, are all feared dead. Police arrested 15 Muslim migrants, from the Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali and Guinea, on suspicion of murder after the boat reached the Italian . . . Read More

Mass arrest of Thailand’s Christian asylum seekers

Thailand’s internal political pressures on its Bangkok UNHCR office has resulted in the arrest of at least 50 Pakistani Christian asylum seekers, a church leader there told World Watch Monitor. On March 7, the Chief of Pakistan’s Christian Congress wrote to the Thai Prime Minister, about arrests of those registered . . . Read More

Iraqi Yazidi couple flees ISIS to freedom

Iraqi Yazidi couple flees ISIS to freedom
Rescue operations began Dec. 19 in northern Iraq for thousands of Yazidi villagers trapped for the past four months on Mount Sinjar and its surrounding villages. Aided by a barrage of coalition air strikes, Kurdish Peshmerga forces began a military offensive on Dec. 17 to break the siege imposed upon Sinjar’s . . . Read More

Lebanese stockpiling weapons against IS

The Associated Press (AP) reports that some Lebanese Christians are stockpiling weapons and setting up self-defence units to protect themselves from the Islamic State. This report came the day before IS militants beheaded Lebanese soldier Abbas Medlej who had been taken hostage by the group’s militants in August. Photos of . . . Read More