Continued crisis for Sudanese death-row mother

Click below for CNN’s exclusive interview with Mariam Ibrahim, the Christian mother who was given a death sentence for apostasy. Ibrahim who is still in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, said, “there’s a new problem every day” including a potential long-term disability of her daughter which doctors fear was caused by the circumstances of Mariam being shackled . . . Read More

Sudan government’s official links with janjaweed

Janjaweed, militias who have terrorised Darfur for years, have been made an official force by the Sudan government, according to a report by the Enough Project, a U.S based genocide-prevention group. “The Sudanese government has abandoned the fig leaf that the janjaweed don’t operate under their command and control,” said the Enough . . . Read More

South Sudan’s fragile peace deal still threatens famine

South Sudan’s fragile peace deal still threatens famine
Three years after gaining independence, the rebel movement that propelled South Sudan into statehood has degenerated into ethnic bloodletting verging on civil war. South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir has agreed to form an interim government with his political adversary, Riek Machar following pressure from the United Nations Secretary General Ban . . . Read More