Pakistani Christian-watchers can improve their religious literacy with a useful round-up of facts from stories published across the web.

According to the list, the majority of Pakistan’s Christians are descendants of low caste Hindus who converted under the rule of the British to escape their position in society. Most found employment in the former garrison towns, says the BBC.

Settlers from Goa in India form a large part of the Christian population of Karachi, which together with Lahore and Peshawar, is home to most of the country’s Christians. The first Pakistan Cardinal, Joseph Cordeiro, was a Goan, as was Charles Lobo, the chairman of the Public Services Commission and a delegate to the UN, reports The Times of India.

St Peter’s Catholic Church in Karachi is the largest one in the country. Thousands of Christians worship in the 21,000 square foot building which cost over $3 million to build and opened its doors in 2012, reports a story in the Huffington Post.