Christians who come from a Muslim background live under high pressure. In Gaza, although Christians are largely tolerated by the militant Islamist party, Hamas, their rights are neither upheld nor protected, and it is almost impossible to build and register Protestant churches. In the West Bank, under the ruling Fatah party, Christians face more subtle forms of discrimination, but increasing Islamic radicalisation throughout society is making conversion to Christianity more dangerous.

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Palestinian father who lost daughter: ‘Don’t be pro-Palestinian or pro-Israel, be pro-justice’

George Saadeh is headmaster of a school where children are taught to "have respect for those who think differently than you". (Photo: Open Doors International)

A Palestinian Christian father whose 12-year-old daughter was killed by Israeli soldiers has spoken about the ongoing conflict and his decision to forgive the soldiers who shot her, just over 15 years ago. Violence erupted once again at the weekend along the Israeli border with Gaza, leaving at least 16 […]

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