A Syrian Christian leader is urging the US to strike IS held positions following the news earlier this week that up to 220 Syrian Christians were kidnapped from Hassaka province.

“There is a need for immediate action similar to what took place in Kobani,” Bassam Ishak, president of the Syriac National Council of Syria, told the American Catholic News Service, referring to air strikes that helped the Kurds successfully drive out extremists from the city on the border with Turkey.

Ishak’s appeal was echoed by Hassaka’s Catholic Arcbishop Jacques Hindo who expressed a sense of abandonment “into the hands of Daesh [the Arabic name for Islamic State]”.

“We have 100 Assyrian families who have taken refuge in Hassaka, but they have received no assistance either from the Red Crescent or from Syrian government aid workers, perhaps because they are Christians,” Hindo added.

Source: Catholic Herald