Unidentified gunmen abducted an Egyptian working in a restaurant in the Libyan city of Sirte on Jan. 29.

According to Middle East news agency Copts Today the colleagues of 26-year-old Christian Samir Sabri Masood, from Sidi Salem Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt, reported the kidnapping to the police after he was taken to an unknown location.

This week at least eight people were killed in an attack on a luxury hotel in Tripoli on Jan. 27. Militants claiming allegiance to the Islamic State said they were responsible for an armed assault, said NY Times.

World Watch Monitor has reported how the kidnapping of at least 20 Coptic Christians in two separate incidents in December and January has also been claimed by Libyan militants affiliated with the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

Meanwhile Hala, the wife of Egyptian Christian Emad Magdy Adly told MCN that she hasn’t spoken with her husband since his kidnapping in Libya in August 2012.