The NY Times has a story about Josef a former Muslim, from Afghanistan, who converted to Christianity and is now fleeing for his life for having changed his faith.

He spent a year seeking refuge in four European countries, but at each stop he was rejected. He has no protection from his government, and his family in both Afghanistan and Pakistani are actively trying to kill him for apostasy.

‘The few people who practice the faith in Afghanistan do so in private for fear of persecution, attending one of a handful of underground churches that are believed to be operating in the country. Expatriates use chapels on embassy grounds, but those are effectively inaccessible to Afghans. Only a few Afghan converts have surfaced in the past decade, and the government has typically dealt with them swiftly and silently: They are asked to recant, and if they refuse, they are expelled, usually to India, where an Afghan church flourishes in New Delhi.’’

Source: NY Times