Continuing the growing stream of reporting on the extensive damage done to Egypt’s churches since Aug. 14, the Sat7 Christian broadcasting service showed video on Sunday of the worship service at the Evangelical Church of Beni Mazar, in the Minya region. Worshipers sang and prayed in the charred remains of their building. “They burned and destroyed the building, but it will never be possible for them to burn and destroy the Church because the Church will remain forever,” Rev. Hany Jacque preached.

Sat7 founder and CEO Terence Ascott, who lives in Egypt, said the church service has been typical of the Christian response to the destruction of dozens of churches: “It is evident that the almost universally non-violent response to these attacks… has greatly impressed many Muslims. This has been a very public turning of the other cheek by the Christians of Egypt, and a very public act of obedience to Jesus’ injunction for His followers to ‘…love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you’ “.

Sat7 uses two satellites to beam Christian programing to Europe, the Middle East, northern Africa and parts of Asia.