The Sudan government last week said it’s extended a “ceasefire” for another six months in the Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile, and Darfur – where it says it’s fighting rebels.

“If the ceasefire holds, it would be the first time in six years of war that the Nuba people experienced a dry season without bombings. That means the chance to farm, free of attacks,” the agency Nuba Reports wrote on its Facebook page.

The Sudan government announcement came just days after the Obama administration moved to ease economic sanctions, provided Sudan sustains “positive actions” for six months that include a cessation of hostilities.

Last week, Al Jazeera questioned whether Sudan was really ready for sanctions to be lifted.

Already, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North says Sudanese troops have broken the ceasefire in Blue Nile.

Nuba Reports said interviews with local people also revealed scepticism that the ceasefire would hold in the Nuba Mountains – let alone lead to a negotiated peace.

“They say six months. I tell them let it be one year,” one woman said. “But are they faithful? If they are faithful then welcome peace, and if not then welcome the gun.”

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