The prosecution in the trial of South Sudanese pastors Yat Michael and Peter Yen closed its case on 25 June after presenting its final witness, an officer of the National Intelligence and Security Service, but no new evidence.

The two men will next appear in court on 2 July, when the judge will question them. Afterwards he will decide whether to drop the case against them or allow it to continue, in which case the two men will face the possibility of the death penalty or life imprisonment in the event of a guilty verdict.

Both men are still being detained at the high security Kober Prison, but are no longer chained or in solitary confinement. They are still allowed no visitors and can only meet with their families and legal team when attending hearings.

The online campaigning organisation for human rights, CitizenGo, emboldened by the success of people power in helping free Mariam Ibrahim when she was detained by the Sudan government, has so far collected more than 81,000 signatures to be sent the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Sudanese president.

Sources: MEC, CSW