The suspected mastermind behind the Garissa University attack in April 2015, when Christians were singled out and shot, has been killed, according to Somalia’s security minister.

The Kenyan government put up a $215,000 reward for Mohamed Kuno’s capture after the Garissa attack. He was reportedly killed during a raid in Somalia’s port city of Kismayo.

One hundred and forty-eight students were killed during the 2 April attack, the deadliest on Kenyan soil since the US Embassy bombings of 1998.

Ten days later, the chairman of Garissa University College’s Christian Union, 21-year-old Frederick Gitonga, pleaded for prayer for the physical and psychological healing of survivors.

“Many saw sights too horrible to describe,” he said. “I am struggling with dreams that cause me to snap awake, then [I] cannot get back to sleep. I find myself remembering the horror of that day. The sounds and smells come back clearly.”

At the first anniversary, on a video published on World Watch Monitor, he said: “Sometimes I could not imagine … This is not reality. How can this happen? How can people who I know … that is somebody, that is somebody, I know these people. Are they dead?

“Please continue praying for their families. Some are still in pain, in agony.”