A new Islamist threat to Christians has emerged in Jerusalem, according to Middle East Concern.

On 25 June leaflets were distributed in East Jerusalem by a group calling itself Islamic State in Palestine. The leaflets bore the black flag of ISIS and carried a message warning Christians to leave Jerusalem before the end of Ramadan on 18 July or risk being killed.

This is not the first sign of activity claiming to be linked to IS among Palestinians. In May a consignment of 120 rings bearing the Islamic State insignia, sent from Turkey and destined for Ramallah, was discovered at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport. It was confiscated by Israeli intelligence officials, who noted that the consignment indicated a degree of affiliation to Islamic State within Palestinian communities.

Other disturbing incidents in recent months have included attacks by Muslim youths on the homes of Christians, and anti-Christian graffiti on the Ethiopian Patriarchate in Old Jerusalem as well as the removal of its cross.