The Islamic State has released news that it kidnapped three African Christians in Libya, says Reuters.

In a statement on social media, IS said the men are from Egypt, Nigeria and Ghana. The group published the men’s passport pictures for verification. They are believed to have been captured around 11 July as they entered the country.

The Cairo Post reports that negotiations are underway to release Bikhet Nageh, 21, in exchange for money. The Nigerian man has been named by This Day Live as Adeola Ibrahim. Libya Herald published a photograph of Ghanaian hostage Sekyere wearing an orange jumpsuit.

The abduction is believed to have happened near the ISIL-controlled city of Sirte.

In January IS kidnapped 20 Egyptian Christians and one Ghanaian in the same city. Videos were later released of the men being beheaded. The Egyptian government warned citizens not to travel to Libya, but many Egyptians and other Africans have said they feel compelled to migrate there for better-paying work in the oil and gas industries.