One of the Christian women who was captured, trafficked and used as a sex slave by ISIS has told The European Post she was forced to watch public executions and the torture of other women.

“They did evil things to us, they were beating us every day, sexual assaults, and trading us as items. They treated us as sexual objects,” Rita Habeeb said.

When she was transferred to Syria she said she met many Yazidi women and all of them were obliged to watch public executions, torture and the beheadings of other women who were accused of being spies.

Rita, from the Iraqi town of Qaraqosh near Mosul, was 26 when Islamic State invaded her town and took her captive. She was rescued by Syriac Democratic Forces in 2017 and reunited with her father in April this year, almost four years after she was taken captive.

As World Watch Monitor reported then, IS members bought her from her owners for sexual use and for services for themselves and others too. In addition, they forced the women to use birth-control pills, as well as to have abortions when they became pregnant. Girls aged nine were raped and sold for between US$6,000 and $15,000, she said.