On Sep 5, Nigeria’s President marked 100 days in office. According to the Institute for Security Studies (ISS), Boko Haram – to intimidate the new President – has intensified its attacks in Nigeria, and other Lake Chad Basin countries: Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

The ISS says Boko Haram has carried out more than 200 attacks from June to 31 August, with over 5,000 dead.

“From January to May, before Buhari took office, Boko Haram carried out 115 attacks (causing 3,466 deaths) across all four countries – a monthly average of 23 attacks. Under Buhari, 86 attacks occurred in the three months – a monthly average of 27 attacks causing 693 deaths.”

A major shift in Boko Haram’s tactics during the past 100 days, ISS reports, is the increased use of suicide attacks, especially involving young teenage girls. Boko Haram has used suicide attacks not only to reach difficult targets but also to inflict mass casualties.

ISS points out that although there some women have been rescued from the Sambisa forest, these successes create a false impression that Boko Haram has been incapacitated and is on the verge of defeat.

Source: ISS