The lawyer for Aasiya Noreen said 7 Nov. that the Pakistani Christian, whose blasphemy conviction was overturned 31 Oct., was on a plane, destination undisclosed.

“No one knows where she will land,” the lawyer, Saiful Malook, told Agence France-Presse in a message via Twitter posted at 7:40 p.m. GMT:

In his message to AFP, Mulook does not say how he knew Noreen was on a flight. AFP reports him as saying “I was told” she was on a plane. Various news agencies were reporting she had been transported late 7 Nov. to the capital Islamabad, but none were reporting she had yet left Pakistan.

Noreen, widely known as Asia Bibi, was freed by the Pakistani Supreme Court when it threw out a lower court’s conviction on charges that she had insulted Islam. She had spent nine years in custody on the charge, and lost all the way through the courts, until the highest court in the country declared that the government’s case against her had been a shambles.

The ruling set off widespread demonstrations by hardline Islamists, among whom Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy laws are deeply popular, even as worldwide opinion is harshly set against them. Mobs demanded that Noreen be killed for the purported crime. Her lawyer left Pakistan out of concern for his safety, and currently is in The Netherlands.

The Italian government said 6 Nov. it was “coordinating with other countries to ensure safety for Asia Bibi and her family,” the Associated Press reported.

The AP said the Pakistani government late 7 Nov. flew Noreen from the detention facility in Multan in Punjab province, where she was being held while the orders for her release wound their way through the courts, to Islamabad. “Troops guarded the roads leading to the airport from which she departed,” the AP reported, citing two “senior government officials” it did not name. The AP did not say Noreen had left the country.

It was unclear late 7 Nov. whether any of Noreen’s family — she has several children — were on the plane with her.