Bangladesh continues to see a rise in attacks and intimidation against those connected with Christianity, according to sources close to World Watch Monitor.

On 25 November in southern Bangladesh, two young men viciously attacked Alok Sen, the general secretary of an interfaith committee that represents Christian, Hindu and Buddhist communities. The two men used sharp weapons that left Sen hospitalised with cuts to his hands and legs. Local police are trying to identify the assailants.

Also on 25 November, 10 Christian pastors from Rangpur, northern Bangladesh, received death threats through an anonymous letter.

It was sent to the leader of the Bangladesh Baptist Church in Rangpur, Rev. Barnabas Hembrom, and listed the names of nine other pastors in the district. The letter reads: “Those who are preaching Christianity in Bangladesh must leave this world one by one”.

Local police were informed and are giving protection to the church.

These are the latest in a series of attacks on Christians in the country, some of which resulted in the death of foreign nationals. Islamic State has claimed responsibility for some of the attacks.