“BringBackOurGirls”, an advocacy group which has been campaigning for the safe rescue of the kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls, has expressed concerns over the whereabouts of Amina Ali, the first girl rescued a month ago.

On 19 May, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari promised the government “will do everything possible” to ensure that Amina receives the care she requires to make a full recovery and to be reintegrated fully into society.

But 32 days later, the group said it is unaware of any governmental plan to help her.

“It is proper that the Federal Government should share what specific program is on-going for Ms. Ali’s … and her mother’s wellbeing,” wrote BBOG, in a statement issued on 22 June, 800 days after the girls’ abduction.

BBOG called on the government to involve the Chibok community in the welfare of the rescued schoolgirl.

“We consider the collaboration and partnership of the community to which she belongs as extremely important for her full reintegration,” the group said.
In May, Premium Times issued the testimony of Amina’s older brother, Noah, expressing concerns over the whereabouts of his sister.

He said he attended the ceremony with President Buhari, then was told by government officials that he would be able to see his sister and mother the following day, after a doctor’s examination.

But the brother is still waiting. So is Yakubu Nkeki, chairman of the Chibok Parents’ Association, who also attended the 19 May ceremony.

“None of us knows where she is,” he was quoted as saying, five days later. The Premium Times report is a tale of federal, state and military spokesmen pointing fingers at one another.

BBOG also urged the government to arrest and bring to justice the man who claimed fatherhood for Amina Ali’s child.

Some 217 Chibok school girls are still missing, along with dozens of other women and children. BBOG says it is “extremely disappointed with the evident lull in rescue actions and lack of any progress report”.

It also urged the government to take into account the Chibok community’s demands to re-open schools which have remained closed for more than two years.