Janjaweed, militias who have terrorised Darfur for years, have been made an official force by the Sudan government, according to a report by the Enough Project, a U.S based genocide-prevention group.

“The Sudanese government has abandoned the fig leaf that the janjaweed don’t operate under their command and control,” said the Enough Project. “After spending years trying to distance themselves from these forces of terror, the regime is not even bothering to deny their association with these war criminals anymore.”

For example, it says, the rebels wear state-issued uniforms and boast about their exploits on Facebook.

The report states what is different this time is the government’s transparent role in inciting violence. It also claims a current growing crisis is a repeat of Darfur’s 2003 conflict, and includes recent satellite imagery of hundreds of burned down huts in March 2014.

Source: NY Times