A Bishop whose north-east Nigerian diocese has suffered most at the hands of Boko Haram is calling for the West to send in military forces to defeat the militants.

Bishop Dashe Dome of Maiduguri diocese, told Aid to the Church in Need, “The West should bring in security – land forces to contain and beat back Boko Haram.”

Drastic action is urgently needed, Dome said, because Boko Haram is poised to become a threat well beyond Nigeria’s borders especially since it’s now recruiting from Niger, Chad, Cameroon and Libya.

Dome said that in the span of five years, Boko Haram has decimated his diocese, killing about 1,000 people and destroying 50 churches. Since 2009, nearly 70,000 of the 125,000 Catholics in Maiduguri have fled their homes leaving more than 200 churches abandoned.