Kazakhstan’s repressive government seeks to control all areas of life. Religious freedom has been further restricted by recent legislation, while the government is using the threat of militant Islam as a pretext to clamp down. Converts to Christianity from a Muslim background come under the most pressure – from the government, family, friends and wider community. Churches that are active in evangelism are subjected to raids, threats, arrests and fines – especially if the church has not been registered.

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Kazakhstan church raids a ‘backward step’

A policeman is filmed during the Good Friday raid on New Life church in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Photo:  Maxim Maximov / YouTube

Recent raids on Christians’ homes and churches in Kazakhstan are a “backward step”, following the positive strides made by the Kazakhstan President in recent years, according to a religious freedom expert in the country. Kevin White, research fellow and country director at the Almaty-based Religious Freedom and Business Foundation, says […]

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Kazakh pastor’s trial begins

The trial against 67-year-old Kazakh pastor Bakhytzhan Kashkumbayev has started, eight months after his incarceration for allegedly “harming the health” of a member of his congregation. The pastor has also been accused of inciting hatred, propagating extremism and leading an organisation that harms others. If found guilty, he could face […]

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Pastor placed under house arrest

Kazakh pastor Bakhytzhan Kashkumbayev has been told he will be released from prison but only to be placed under house arrest, reports Forum 18. The pastor, who has been detained for almost five months and undertook a hunger strike in protest, is still awaiting trial. He will be confined to […]

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