‘Uncontrolled’ growth of Christianity in China ‘makes government nervous’

Group of Christians are praying together in Beijing. (Photo: World Watch Monitor)
China’s Communist Party is threatened by the “uncontrolled growth of Christianity” in the country –estimated by some to reach 247 million by 2030, “making it the world’s largest congregation” – and China’s thriving underground churches can therefore expect a backlash, writes Eugene K. Chow for The Diplomat. Chow describes how . . . Read More

China passes new religious regulations ‘to prevent extremism’

China passes new religious regulations ‘to prevent extremism’
China has passed a new set of rules regulating religious affairs, a year after the proposed amendments were released to the public for the first time. The new rules, announced yesterday, show no significant alterations to last year’s proposals, though there is noticeably less detail given regarding those who will be . . . Read More

China accused of ’emasculating’ Christianity

The Chinese government is attempting to “co-opt and emasculate” Christianity, which many believe has more adherents than the 87-million member Communist party, . “I don’t believe the government will close the Church but I do believe they want to manage it”, one underground pastor said anonymously ahead of a secretive . . . Read More