China passes new religious regulations ‘to prevent extremism’

China passes new religious regulations ‘to prevent extremism’
China has passed a new set of rules regulating religious affairs, a year after the proposed amendments were released to the public for the first time. The new rules, announced yesterday, show no significant alterations to last year’s proposals, though there is noticeably less detail given regarding those who will be . . . Read More

Are Chinese Christians persecuted?

Senior lady looking at Dongguang Church in Shenyang, northeastern China. (Photo: Open Doors International)
According to Richard Mouw, Christians in China are not facing increased persecution as much as a growing pressure to conform to Beijing’s policies. In an article for the Religion News Service, he writes that, after years of travelling to and within China, he has observed that “friendliness toward religion has . . . Read More

Chinese Communist Party using CCTV to ‘maintain social order’ at churches

Cross on Dongguang Church in Shenyang, north-eastern China
The Chinese government is forcing churches in Zhejiang province to install CCTV reports UCA News. The Communist Party in the heavily Christian province on China’s east coast wants Catholic and Protestant churches to install CCTV cameras inside and outside their buildings, in a bid to control the number of Christians . . . Read More

Hong Kong Christians oppose Beijing’s policy

Christians in Hong Kong protested outside Beijing’s liaison office there Sunday, urging the Chinese authorities to respect religious freedoms following President Xi Jinping’s recent insistence that religious groups ‘devote themselves’ to his reforms, . Cardinal Joseph Zen Zekiun, the former Bishop of Hong Kong, joined about 50 protestors at the . . . Read More

‘Career ending’ arrest for Chinese lawyers

China has now formally arrested and charged some of the rights protestors detained during the last six months. The serious charges of subverting state power caught many observers off guard; the maximum penalty is life in prison. For the lawyers, this would “end their careers”, reports . Among those detained . . . Read More