Prominent China church demolished – second in month

Explosives are set off in the Golden Lampstand Church in Linfen, Shanxi province, in a still taken from a video.
Chinese authorities demolished a church in northern China this week, the second in less than a month, ahead of new regulations on religion due to come into force on 1 February. Explosives were set off inside the Golden Lampstand Church in Linfen, Shanxi province on Tuesday (9 January). According to . . . Read More

Unauthorised Christian activity banned in Xinjiang

Chinese authorities in the north-western region of Xinjiang have banned all Christian activities not linked to state-approved churches, apparently in an “anti-terror” move. Zhu Xiaohu, a house-church member from the city of Wusu, was one of six Christians recently fined 1,000 yuan ($145). Their Bibles were also confiscated. “They want . . . Read More

China’s Nobel nominee lawyer released after three years

China’s Nobel nominee lawyer released after three years
Geng He, wife of imprisoned Chinese dissident Gao Zhisheng, speaks at a press conference. ‎January‎ ‎18‎, ‎2011Nina Lincoff/Medill News Service / Flickr / Creative Commons   Prominent defender of persecuted Christians, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Gao Zhisheng was released from prison last week after his most recent three-year sentence. . . . Read More

China crackdown on house churches?

A government campaign is underway in China to eradicate unregistered churches, according to Release International. The agency says members of unregistered house churches in Shandong province in eastern China are visited in their homes and told to attend the government-approved churches of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement. Meanwhile, Christian Solidarity Worldwide . . . Read More