At least four people were injured in attacks by two suicide bombers on the evening of 8 Feb. in Nguetchewe, northern Cameroon. The attackers – a man and a woman – appear to have targeted members of Cameroon’s Union of Evangelical Churches (UECC).

One attack was on the home of Pierre Baldina, treasurer at a local UECC assembly. Baldina saw the bomber approach his house and managed to stop her at the gate. The explosion blew off the roof of his house and injured his 16-year-old son and a passer-by.

The second explosion injured two people, including Moise Massiko, a member of the UECC. Witnesses said they saw the bomber pursuing a group of young men before the blast.

Muslim and Christian leaders met recently in Mora – the base of the Multinational Joint Task Force fighting Boko Haram – and pledged to work together against the threat of Islamic terrorism.

Northern Cameroon has been hit by as many as 19 militant attacks, killing at least 74 people since the beginning of the year, mostly bombings by teenagers with explosive devices strapped to their bodies.