Angola: 2,000 unregistered churches forced to close

Catholic church in Jau village, in Angola's southwest Huila province. (Photo: jbdodane via Flickr; CC 2.0)
More than 2,000 churches have been closed and over 1,000 more face closure after Angola’s cabinet approved a new law requiring them to register with the government, including presenting at least 100,000 signatures of followers, as reported by Nairobi-based news site The East African. A local pastor told World Watch Monitor . . . Read More

Thousands of churches closed in Rwanda, as Cameroon considers following suit

Pentecostal churches, like this one in Ethopia's capital Addis Baba, are mushrooming in sub-Sahara Africa. (Photo: World Watch Monitor)
Rwanda has closed thousands churches in the country since February for alleged “noise pollution” and failing to comply with building regulations. Now Cameroon – another majority-Christian country – is considering following suit. The call to shut down some of Cameroon’s Pentecostal churches follows reports of gross misconduct by a number . . . Read More

‘Prostitution is rife’ – sexual exploitation of Boko Haram survivors in IDP camps

‘Prostitution is rife’ – sexual exploitation of Boko Haram survivors in IDP camps
Thousands of Christians in north-east Nigeria displaced by Boko Haram’s insurgency now face discrimination and harsh treatment – including sexual exploitation – by government officials, reports Global Christian News (GCN). While many thousands have been killed, others sought refuge in neighbouring Cameroon or in the relatively safe states in the . . . Read More