The suicide bombing of a church in Nigeria on Sunday caps a week of killings that has left over 200 people dead, reports the BBC.

In the first incident six worshippers were killed as they were entering a church in Potiskum in the north-east area where until recently Boko Haram have been strong.

Local sources report escalating violence with as many as 32 churches being burned and “many Christians” being killed.

The attacks brought condemnation from Nigeria’s new president, Muhammadu Buhari, who described the violence as “heinous atrocity”.

Shortly after the Potiskum bomb attack, there were twin attacks in Nigeria’s central city of Jos, where at least 44 people were killed, and 47 injured. A restaurant and mosque were targeted: the mosque, it is believed, because a cleric who had spoken against Boko Haram was there at the time. Boko Haram is not strong in Jos, but it has attacked the city before.

Tension is high in Jos, with fresh local reports saying at least two churches have been burned, allegedly in retaliation for the mosque bomb. Another attack on a church was foiled by police.