Pakistan’s prime minister promised to provide equal rights for people of all religions in a speech over the Easter weekend.

Nawaz Sharif said: “My government is committed to safeguarding the fundamental rights, safety, honour, life and property of all minority communities”. He added that minorities were granted “equal rights and complete protection” by Pakistan’s constitution.

Meanwhile the BBC, in a report on the Christian community still grieving following the March suicide bombings in Lahore that left around 15 dead, interviews a woman who cannot see her future in a Pakistan “where Christians feel targeted by extremists, abandoned by their own government, and vulnerable to blasphemy accusations”.

“I don’t see any future for myself as a Pakistan Christian woman. I really love my country and I want to be a part of its prosperity but I don’t think it will be possible,” said 21-year-old Sataish Samuel.

Source: Daily Times, BBC