Violence against Christians is increasing in Vietnam, yet the Church is growing among ethnic minorities. Christians who come from a Buddhist or animist background experience the strongest pressure, both from their communities and the authorities. Christian ethnic minorities, such as the Montagnards, also face fierce opposition. All Christian groups are monitored by the government, registering churches is difficult, and a new law on religion and belief limits religious groups by controlling meetings.

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No solution for Vietnam’s persecuted Montagnard-people

The Montagnard-people are persecuted because of their faith but getting asylum in neighbouring countries is difficult. (Photo: World Watch Monitor)

The number of Montagnard-people fleeing their native Vietnam, because of persecution of their Christian faith, is growing, reports Al Jazeera. They initially end up in surrounding nations like Cambodia and Thailand, where they face a stateless future as their refugee status is not recognized. Thailand and Cambodia are not signatories […]

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Vietnam Christian woman’s ‘intolerable’ harassment

The harassment of a Vietnamese Christian human rights activist, whose husband, pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh, is currently serving an 11-year prison sentence, has become “intolerable” . Tran Thi Hong was recently questioned by the authorities about interviews with the foreign press, her “unauthorized, unapproved and illegal” Lutheran faith and her […]

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