Persecuted Christians celebrate Easter with mixed emotions

Flag of Syria is waving as sign of victory over the destroyed heavily damaged city of Aleppo. (Photo: World Watch Monitor)
Easter this year was a time of mixed emotions for the Christians who live under pressure for their faith. While political and religious leaders called for peace, reconciliation and brotherhood, Christians in countries like Syria and the Philippines continued to face violence and its consequences. Below, World Watch Monitor gives . . . Read More

Vietnam’s religion policy and practice – contradictions continue

St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi
Optimists are hard to find ahead of Vietnam’s impending introduction of its new Law on Belief and Religion, scheduled to come into effect on 1 January, 2018. Vietnam’s Catholic and Evangelical leaders, as well as Buddhists and Caodaists, say the main benefit of the law, two years in the making, . . . Read More

Vietnamese Catholics jailed despite protests

Vietnamese Catholics jailed despite protests
Two Vietnamese Catholics whose arrest led to protests last month have been handed jail terms. Nguyen Van Hai, 43, and Ngo Van Khoi, 53, were ordered on Oct. 23 to serve six and seven months, respectively, for “disturbing public order”. The charges relate to an incident on May 22, when . . . Read More