Perpetrators of Minya bus attack and the beheading of Coptic Christians captured in Libya

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One of the “most wanted” Islamic extremists suspected of participation in the gun attack on a bus convoy of Coptic Christian pilgrims in May 2017 has been captured by Libyan security forces, the BBC reports. The attack killed 28 people, including two children. Twenty-five others were injured. Hisham Ashmawi is . . . Read More

Ghana churches banned from using stadium

Ghana churches banned from using stadium
At least four churches have been banned from holding religious service in a stadium in Ghana’s northern city of Tamale. In addition to hosting sport activities, the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium is used by a number of institutions, including religious organisations and political parties. The stadium was recently renamed after . . . Read More

Migrants thrown overboard in ‘religious hate’

Twelve African Christians attempting to reach Europe by boat were allegedly thrown overboard because of “religious hate”. The 12, from Ghana and Nigeria, are all feared dead. Police arrested 15 Muslim migrants, from the Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali and Guinea, on suspicion of murder after the boat reached the Italian . . . Read More