The Islamic State has released 10 more Assyrians, from over 200 indigenous Christians it had snatched from their communities in north eastern Syria in February.

The civilians, five men and five women, were released Tuesday evening, the Assyrian Human Rights Network (AHRN) reported.

The released hostages, from Tel Shamiram, Tel Jazeera, Qabr Shamiya and Tel Fayda, are all said to be “in good health”, AHRN added.

On February 23, Islamic State (IS) jihadists overran 35 Assyrian villages on the Khabur River in the northeastern Hasakah province. IS captured 253 in the initial attack and drove 3,000 Assyrians from their villages.

Since the beginning of March, at least 95 Assyrian hostages, mostly sick and elderly, have been released by IS in different groups. In October, it filmed the killing of three Assyrian hostages and threatened more if demands were not met.

The latest group of freed hostages comes as a result of ongoing negotiations, AHRN said, declining to disclose details on the nearly eight months’ negotiations process, citing “the gravity and sensitivity of the situation.”

AINA says IS still holds 158 hostages from the Khabur area in addition to 185 Assyrians IS captured in Qaryatain, in the western Syrian province of Homs, in early August.