An Assyrian Christian girl taken hostage 13 months ago by Islamic State (IS) militants in northeast Syria‘s Hasakah province has been set free after “intense negotiations” for her release.

Miriam David Talya, who had been captured with more than 250 other Khabur villagers in Feb. 2015, arrived in Tel Tamar village on Mar. 27.

The girl’s name had been listed to be returned with the final group of Christian hostages released last month. But when she was not included with the group, the Assyrian Church of the East began  confidential negotiations with her captors to obtain her release.

Another Assyrian girl who had been captured in the Khabur River raids is still being held by the jihadists. The church was informed that she had been married to a high-ranking IS official and would never be released.

IS forces continue to hold another 179 Assyrian Christians captured in August 2015 in the Syrian town of Qaryatain.

Source: AINA