Over 100 Coptic Christians were killed in 2017 in a wave of deadly attacks by militants belonging to, or inspired by, the Islamic State group, which has vowed to “wipe them out”. Egypt’s Copts, who account for around 10 per cent of the population, were also targeted in 2013, after they were perceived as supporting the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood government. Scores of churches across the country were attacked and burned.


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Extremist Islamists torch shops in Egypt

An Islamic extremist mob threw gasoline bombs at shops owned by Coptic Christians in a village near Luxor, Egypt on Monday. Authorities are investigating the attack, which happened hours before the nearby blasphemy trial of Kerolos Ghattas, a Coptic Christian, accused with contempt to Islam over his alleged Internet postings. […]

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Coptic woman elected for first time

A Coptic Christian woman has been chosen to lead a political party in Egypt for the first time. Hala Shukrallah, 59, was elected to take over from Mohamed El Baradei (former head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog) as head of the Dostour (‘Constitution’) Party on Feb. 21. A number of […]

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Kidnappings surge in Egypt

International Christian Concern is reporting an upswing in abductions of Christians in Egypt. ICC reports that at least eight Christians from Minya province, south of Cairo in the Upper Egypt region, have been abducted since 25 January by suspected members of the Muslim Brotherhood and that these are “just a […]

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