Over 100 Coptic Christians were killed in 2017 in a wave of deadly attacks by militants belonging to, or inspired by, the Islamic State group, which has vowed to “wipe them out”. Egypt’s Copts, who account for around 10 per cent of the population, were also targeted in 2013, after they were perceived as supporting the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood government. Scores of churches across the country were attacked and burned.


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One of ‘worst ever’ years for Copts

Egypt’s Coptic Christians are undergoing some of the worst persecution of their 2000-year history, reports CBS News. In its flagship programme, ‘60 Minutes’, CBS reports that Copts hoped Egypt’s revolution would improve their fortunes, but instead the last year has been “one of their worst ever”. Related Articles:Persecution Watch countries: […]

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Egypt’s draft constitution explained

Egypt’s Constituent Assembly declared on Monday that the draft of the country’s proposed new constitution is ready for public review. A popular vote is intended within 30 days of Monday’s release. What’s in it? The Washington, D.C.-based Atlantic Council has published a close study of the document, including a detailed […]

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Coptic wedding party attacked in Cairo

Four people, including an eight-year-old girl, have been killed in an attack outside a Coptic church after a wedding in Cairo. At least nine others were injured, some seriously, after the attack by gunmen on motorbikes. Egypt’s Prime Minister has condemned the attack, saying that the perpetrators will not succeed in […]

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Amnesty: Egypt failed to protect Copts

A new report by Amnesty International claims the authorities in Egypt are failing to prevent “deeply disturbing” attacks on the country’s Coptic Christian minority. The organisation has called for an investigation into a series of deadly sectarian incidents. “Failure to bring to justice those responsible for sectarian attacks sends the […]

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Egyptian bishop eludes gunmen

An automobile occupied by the bishop of the Coptic Church in Minya, Egypt, and several companions came under gunfire on Monday. No one was hurt. “We are all safe,” Bishop Makarios told Bishop Angaelos, general bishop of The Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom, according to a release from the […]

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