There was a time when Nepal’s communist government was the biggest threat to the country’s Christian minority. Today the main source of pressure is the religious nationalism of Nepal’s Hindu majority. The country’s new Constitution declares Nepal to be a secular state; at the same time, it also forbids anyone to change their religion, and bans proselytism. Nepal’s Christian population, currently at 4 per cent, is one of the fastest-growing in the world, and that has prompted a backlash from nationalists, who themselves are taking encouragement from the nationalist urgings of the Hindu government in neighbouring India. In 2017 two parliamentarians warned that religious freedom in the country was “teetering on the edge”.

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Nepal earthquake revives burial debate

With nearly 8,000 dead from Nepal’s worst earthquake since 1934 the relief effort has turned to recovery and finding the 400 missing people. The quake struck on Saturday morning, the time when many Christian church services were taking place. Many of the estimated 150 Christians killed died when the buildings […]

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