The Kim dynasty, which has ruled North Korea for three generations, are worshipped like gods, and any suggestion that there is a higher authority than the nation’s leader, Kim Jong-Un, is immediately crushed. Tens of thousands of Christians are incarcerated in labour camps. Thousands more keep their Christian faith a complete secret, even from their families. Imprisonment, torture, and death are the potential risks – not only to oneself, but to one’s family – of deciding to be a Christian in North Korea.

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Hard labour for US citizen

North Korea has sentenced an American-Korean Christian to 15 years hard labour for ‘anti-government crimes’. Related Articles:North Korea frees Canadian church leader ‘on…North Koreans ‘betrayed’ by human rights omission in…North Korea: US citizens set for release ahead of…A Christian escapee from North Korea has his doubts…North Korea: freed pastor Hyeon […]

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