In the midst of the civil war, churches and Christian-owned businesses have been targets of bombings by the Islamic State and other extremist groups, and there have been many reports of Christians being abducted, harmed and killed. Even so, many of Syria’s remaining Christians are committed to staying and rebuilding their country. Others are now returning home following IS’s military defeat.

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‘Biggest massacre yet’ in Syria

Rebel forces in Syria have carried out the “most serious and biggest massacre of Christians” since the conflict began, Syrian priests told Fides. In the Christian town of Sadad, near Homs, 1,500 families were held hostage in the last week of October and 45 killed and thrown into mass graves, […]

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Assyrians urge US to hold fire

The Assyrian American National Coalition has mounted an online letter-writing drive to urge the U.S. administration to hold its fire in Syria. Assyrians are an ancient ethnic group indigenous to the Middle East, and belonging mostly to various eastern and orthodox Christian churches. “Now, as extremist jihadists have moved their war to […]

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Churches hit in Damascus suburb

At least three churches have been damaged as fighting between Syrian government troops and rebels in a Christian village north of Damascus has intensified, reports Middle East Concern. Opposition fighters renewed attacks on Maaloula on September 7. Assurances had been given that no churches would be damaged. This BBC report […]

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Christian village ‘overrun’ in Syria

Clashes between Syrian government troops and rebel forces threatened to overrun a Christian village north of Damascus this week, reports the Associated Press. Opposition fighters are reported to have been led by an al-Qaeda-linked rebel faction, which attacked Maaloula on September 4, before pulling out the next day. AP reports […]

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