Eritrea: Orthodox Patriarch Antonios expelled for ‘heresy’

Abune Antonios, Patriarch, Eritrean Orthodox Church
Eritrea’s Orthodox patriarch, Abune Antonios, who was placed under house arrest by the government in 2007, has been expelled by pro-government bishops in his church on accusations of heresy, the BBC reported. The attempt to excommunicate is widely seen as symptomatic of Eritrea’s government push for more political control over . . . Read More

Eritreans still suffering despite peace deal with Ethiopia, says priest

Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Cathedral in Asmara, Eritrea. (Photo: David Stanley)
An Eritrean priest has called on the international community not to close their eyes to the reality of what is happening in his country, reports the Catholic news site Agenzia Fides. While bilateral relations with countries in the region are improving, the harassment of religious groups at home continues, Fr. Mussie . . . Read More

‘State-sponsored repression’ behind Eritrea’s refugee epidemic

Eritrea remains “one of the worst examples of state-sponsored repression of freedom of religion or belief in the world”, says USCIRF Commissioner.  (Photo: World Watch Monitor)
“State-sponsored repression” is the reason Eritrea is one of the world’s main sources of refugees, a US human rights commission has heard. The East African country is not at war, nor does it suffer from terrorism, but some estimate that as many as 10 per cent of Eritreans have fled . . . Read More

Eritrea patriarch’s public appearances ‘a marketing exercise’

Abune Antonios, Patriarch, Eritrean Orthodox Church
Public appearances of Abune Antonios, head of the Eritrean Tewahedo Orthodox Church, are “a marketing exercise to polish the face of the government”, according to advocacy group Christian Solidarity Worldwide. There has been “no significant improvement” in the patriarch’s circumstances, despite attempts to give the impression of progress, CSW said, . . . Read More

Eritrean Christians told to remove crosses as schools forced to go public

People running in the streets of Asmara while gun shots can be heard.
Eritrea’s security forces shot at protesters, using live ammunition, in the capital Asmara on Tuesday (31 October) during a protest against the government’s plans to turn all schools public. This would mean forbidding students from wearing religious items such as Christian crosses or Muslim headscarves. A local source told World . . . Read More

European Parliament condemns ‘in strongest terms’ Eritrea’s human rights record

European Parliament condemns ‘in strongest terms’ Eritrea’s human rights record
The European Parliament (EP) has passed a resolution condemning in “the strongest terms” the “systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations” in Eritrea, reports CSW. It follows 2016’s report by the UN that the country’s “crimes against humanity” should be investigated by the International Criminal Court. The EP resolution describes . . . Read More